Stephanie Dennis

4th Grade Teacher

Contact Information


Remind Code: @sdennis104

About the Teacher

My name is Stephanie Dennis and I have been teaching at Wetumpka Elementary since 2002.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, a master’s degree in Reading Education, and an education specialist degree in Elementary Language Arts.  I am married to Robbie Dennis and together we have five children: Kaitlynn (18), Wes (14), Robbie (13), Braiden (11), and Bella (8).  I love teaching and learning alongside my students! I am so excited to begin this year.

Classroom Management

We have 5 core rules:

1. Respect yourself, others and their property, and your teachers. 2. Come to class prepared and stay prepared. 3. Follow directions the first time they are given. 4. Always use appropriate noise levels . 5. Raise your hand to speak or to leave your area.

In our classroom, we are working to build a sense of community.  We are all depending on one another to make this school year beneficial and successful.  We have many classroom behavior management systems in place to keep us all in check!  Our class system is called “Spin It!”  Each day the students will vote on a scale of 1 to 5 on a variety of conditions.  1 being the lowest possible score.  If the class average is at least a 4, the students will earn one letter to begin creating the phrase “Spin It!”  When we achieve the entire phrase, students receive a class reward.  These rewards can be anything from extra recess to a special snack. 

Individuals are also held accountable in our classroom through a strike system.  If a student earns more than five strikes between each “Spin It!” then they will not participate in the next one.  Other consequences for strikes include silent lunch, a phone call to parents, and/or a write up on the behavior management plan, which eventually can lead to an office visit with consequences of detention or suspension.

Class Schedule


4th Grade Schedule

7:50 Reading

9:20 Writing/Grammar
9:50 Tier II ELA 

10:10 Snack

10:20 Math

11:15 Tier II Math

11:35 Science

12:20 Lunch Window Begins (Alabama History will be a staggered start for each group)

12:21-12:46 Weldon and Dennis

12:26-12:51 Mixson and Burdell

12:30-12:55 Rogers and Stewart

12:55 Alabama History

1:40 P.E.

2:25 Digital Literacy

2:45 Dismissal

Supply List

4 Packs of #2 Pencils

4 Packs of Notebook Paper

8 Small Glue Sticks

1 Pair of Scissors

4 Boxes of Crayons

1 Box of Markers (Classic Colors, 10 Count, Fine Line) *


2 packs of copy paper

3-Subject Notebook

1 Pack of Highlighters (Yellow Only)

2 Composition Books

4 Plastic Folders with Prongs and Pockets (yellow, red, blue, green)

1 Pair of Headphones/Earbuds

 A small supply box/supply bag will be needed.  The supply box/bag needs to be big enough to hold one glue stick, scissors, their markers, and their highlighters.

 *We will be writing with the markers more than we will be coloring with them, so it is very important that they are the fine line markers.  I would prefer nothing bigger than a 10 count…too many choices lead to distraction!

 These items would also be GREATLY appreciated!


Hand Sanitizer

Paper towels

Band-aids (Plain, Fabric)

White Card Stock

Colored Copy Paper

Zip-loc bags

(gallon and/or quart)

Extra Glue Sticks

Extra Copy Paper

Extra Pencils