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Logging into the iNow Parent Portal for the First Time
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Thursday, September 20, 2012
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You will feel like you are logging in twice and you are – it is just like staff and teachers do currently

The only analogy I can provide to make you understand why is it is like you have a fence around your house – you have to unlatch the fence prior to unlocking your front door on your house


Step 1:


Go to:


USERNAME: homeaccess


PASSWORD: elmore2013


Step 2: Should be on the Information Now Home Page


Another set of username and password fields to complete – this time


Change User Name: assigned by school 

Password: elmore2013 


(First time only-afterwards you will use what you set up – must be minimum of 8 characters)


Step 3:

 You will be asked to enter


OLD PASSWORD = elmore2013 

NEW PASSWORD = your choice

 NEW PASSWORD = type same thing again


Write this down because we cannot look it up all we can do is reset it. If you have issues, please email Ms. Bell at


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